Compressed Air Pricing & Info

Compressed Air & Gas Technologies

  • Manufacturer of Filtration, Drying and Purification Systems.
  • FSG represents seven different twin tower adsorption designs including: heatless, externally heated, and heat of compression.
  • FSG represents three different breathing air systems to meet OSHA Grade D and CSA requirements.

Testing & Service

  • In-Plant Process Compressed Air and Gas Quality Audits: NIST Traceable: Flow, Pressure, Temperature, Hydrocarbons, Dew Point and Particulates.
  • Contaminant identification through Desiccant, Charcoal Adsorbents, and Condensate Sampling with GC/Mass Spectrometry Analysis.
  • OSHA, NIOSH and CSA compliance audits. On-Site Breathing Air Quality Testing for CO, CO2, O2, Oil Mist and Particulates.
  • Factory-Trained Service and In-Plant Preventative Maintenance Programs: Performance Testing and ISO Certification of compressed air and gas streams from the Powerhouse to the most sensitive applications.

Compressed Air & Gas Product Selection

FSG Air Drying Systems
Adsorbtion Dryers, Breathing Air Purification Systems
Drain Guard/Drain-All
Automatic Robot Drain Traps
Finite Filter
High Efficiency Filters
Ceramic Dew Point Monitors
Radial Fin & Panel Intake Filters
Safety Equipment for Breathing Air
Van Air Systems
Dryers, Mist Eliminators, Drains
Zeks Air Dryer
Heat Sink Dryers, Filters, Membranes

Part Number Test Description Price
AD11002 Breathing Air Test, Grade D Cass/Tube (USA) $300.00
AD11008R Breathing Air Test, Grade D, CSA Stand Z180.1-M85 (Canadian) $555.00
AD11011 Oil Mist/Particulate Membrane Test $300.00
AD11016 Colormetric Oil Test $20.00
AD11017 Colormetric Water Vapor Test $20.00
AD11018 Colormetric Carbon Monoxide (CO) Test $20.00
AD11019 Colormetric Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Test $20.00
AD11014 Colormetric Oxygen (02) Test $30.00
AD11006 Hydrocarbon Trap $150.00
  Desiccant Sampling $150.00
  Charcoal Sampling $50.00
  Cartridge Sampling $25.00
SC GC/MS GC/MS Test $900.00
  GC/MS Rush 48-72 Hours $1,200.00
  Continuous Dewpoint/Week $75.00
  Continuous Hydrocarbon/Week $75.00
  Continuous Flow/Week $100.00
  Continuous Pressure/Week $75.00
  Continuous Temperature/Week $75.00
  Datalogger/Week $75.00
AD11010 Condensate Silicone Testing $500.00
  Corrosion Coupon Test $375.00
  Service Days Required $850.00
  Project Engineer $1,200.00
  Travel and Lodging 1 Week Estimate $2,000.00